4 thoughts on “Your Story for the Functional Addict

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Our experiences with benzodiazepines are clearly very different. I am sorry that your parents passed away and very sorry to read about your sister. You can consume large quantities, whilst I was disabled by a mere 5 mg of Nitrazepam per day. I seem to be very sensitive to these medications whilst you are not. I do hope some day you can break free from them because in
    the end they cause a great deal of damage to the brain and body. Best wishes.

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  2. Very nice writing. I feel that we both have much in common, just in different ways. I was actually to the contrary never very interested in benzo’s but wound up being an addict nonetheless. My affinity was always opiates; and the fall-back, alcohol.

    I’m glad you found my blog earlier and I look forward to reading more of yours. For me, blogging has been the most essential thing in aiding with my recovery.

    My best wishes and love always,

    A Half Broken Mind


    1. So far I’ve made it through post 5 and I’m simply amazed at how you were able to quit taking valium intermittently without severe W/D symptoms. I suppose for me I had abused so many different drugs and also had pretty bad depression and anxiety issues that when I began taking Etizolam (AN RC Benzo) it really dug in deep. I probably only took it for about 8 months total (but in all honesty I dont know) but I was dosing unfathomably. That entire period was a blur to me honestly, but etizolam is far different that valium in that it is more like xanax with a very short half life. I tried to quit after 3 months of heavy dosing and had the worst W/D’s I’d ever experienced to date, and I had to go back on the Etiz after three days. They made opiate W/D’s which I had been through more times than I can count look like the common could. I felt like my heart was about to explode, I was twitching at random on the verge of seizures, I couldn’t sleep at all, and the list goes on; it was horrific.

      I switched to diclazepam which is another RC Benzo derived from Valium but with 10x the potency and began my taper. It’s helped tremendously.

      If you’d like, I would really enjoy you reading more of my posts.


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